The Materials

Iron: commonly says “sweet iron” because material hard, resistant and malleable for the workmanship of forging, proper for constructions of various kind concerning housing buildings, commercial or other, used for traditional creations.
The iron introduces him in various forms, dimensions and thicknesses: plates, bars, pipes rectangles round, full or empty pictures, angular, profiles, etc.
The iron not to rust is galvanized to warm, sand-blasted and painted.

I steel Inox: it has the ownership not to rust, even if exposed to the air or to the water, you/he/she can be shiny or glazed, for the more used to realize constructions type modern or of design, furnished in the various typologies, dimensions and thicknesses: outlined, pipes pictures rectangles or round, bars, angular, etc.

Accessories: the whole minuteria as wedges, bolts, dice, hinges, plates, wheels, zippers, grapevines, etc.
They are furnished by specialized and certified firms guaranteeing the maximum quality, conformity and functionality to the performed constructions.

Painting: it is the final phase of the workmanship, applied to the product in ended iron and galvanized to warm, dusts are used paintings or to liquid.
In the articles anticati color rust and steel corten is used an oil of protection, gives more times that it doesn’t alter the natural color of the material.